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Rufus woke up to the smell of fresh coffee, normally something that he liked waking up to, but for some reason today it made his stomach turn.

Grumbling, he tried to sit up, but the muscles in his back did not wish to do the same. Damnit, can't I have one day when I can move like I could before?

Fumbling around in the drawer in his nightstand, he withdrew his bottle of painkillers and took one. After about 15 minutes of waiting, he tried to get up again, this time his muscles slightly more cooperative.

Once he got out of bed, the nausea and dizzyness that he had while in bed, lingered and was seemingly worse then before. I just need breakfast and coffee then I'll be fine.

Amber heard the President exit the bedroom and went to find a mug for him for the coffee. Hearing him come into the kitchen, she turned to greet him.

'Good morning! Did you sleep...' she cut her question short when she noticed his appearance. His eyes were half closed, with black bags under them, his face appeared flushed and he overall looked weak; seeming like it was a struggle just to stay standing.

'Are you alright?' She asked instead, concern flooding over her.

Rufus couldn't gather the energy to answer her and only shook his head no in response.

'Did you take a painkiller this morning?'


'Maybe it's because you took it on an empty stomach that you now feel so sick.' She comforted, rubbing his back a little. 'How about I make a little something for you right now before Elliot comes by to make breakfast so that you have something in your stomach?'

Rufus nodded. 'Ok.'

'Maybe you should go lie down on the couch.' Amber suggested, still very worried about her boyfriend. 'Did you want me to help you there? Or are you ok by yourself?'

'I'll be fine.' Rufus weakly confirmed then began making his way to his living room while Amber turned to make him something to eat. As he was making his way to the couch, he began to sway and with a loud thump, fell to the floor.

Hearing the sound, Amber turned to see what Rufus had hit. Seeing him prone on the floor was not what she expected.

'Rufus!' She screamed, running to him and turning him onto his back. 'Please baby, wake up!' she pleaded with him while shaking him. She continued to yell and shake for a minute or so, realizing that it was having no effect.

I have to do something!! But what!? I know! Tseng will know what to do...he has to know what to do...

Rushing to her purse, she found her phs and called Tseng, hoping that the Turk was still at his apartment a floor beneath them. She sighed in relief when she finally heard his voice.

'Amber? Is there a reason why you are calling so early in the morning?' He questioned, curious as to what the call was about.

'You have to help me, I don't know what to do. Something is wrong with him, but I don't know what! He won't wake up no matter how much I yell and shake him and he's not moving! What do I do!?'

'Please slow down.' The Wutain suggested. 'Now, what is wrong?'

'Rufus passed out.' She managed to say, between her tears. 'He almost made it to the living room to the couch, but he passed out before he got there. Now he won't move and I can't wake him up.' She dropped her composure and all but yelled into the phone. 'What do I DO!? YOu have to help me!'

'First, stay calm. You're not helping him by being so frantic.' Tseng scolded. 'Secondly, I'm on my way up. I'll be there in a couple of minutes.' He hung up his phs and made a dash for the President's suite, calling Rude for assistance while waiting for the elevator.

Amber slowly closed her phone and looked at the prone form on the floor. 'You have to be fine.' She assured herself. 'You're just tired and the fatigue caught up with you...then the painkiller didn't help much....'

In a flash, Tseng was by Rufus' side checking his vital signs while Rude stood to the side, waiting for orders from the Wutain.

'Tseng?' She asked nervously. 'Is he ok? Any idea what could be wrong?'

'I don't know.' Tseng reluctantly admitted. 'He pulse is weak and so is his breathing, but I can't understand what caused this. Did he do anything differently this morning or last night?'

'No. He took a painkiller like usual this morning and a painkiller and sleeping pill before he went to bed. The same as always.'

Tseng looked up at her, concerned. 'Does he do that all the time?'

'Generally, yes.'

'Rude, take Rufus to the car. Amber come with me. I'll call his physician and tell him to expect us asap.'

Rude shot to attention, taking Rufus in his arms and rushing towards the car. Amber stood beside Tseng, waiting for the other to lead the way.


When they arrived at the hospital, a stretcher was already waiting for the President, who was then brought to the emergency room, Rude at their heals. A few moments later, his doctor appeared and he immediately began asking questions regarding the blond.

'I need to know everything that he's done within the last 24 hours. Everything. How much did he eat, what pills did he take, did he have a lot of fluids during that time...everything.'

Amber nodded and ran through their day. 'We woke up yesterday morning like always and had a coffee. Rufus took a painkiller along with his coffee like always and then we had breakfast. He had a big breakfast for him actually, eggs, bacon, toast, potatoes and orange juice.'

'He then went to work and didn't come home until 6pm or so, so I have no idea what he did during the day. He said he wasn't very hungry so he only had a bit of salad so I asked him if he had something for lunch and he said no, because breakfast kept him full all day.'

'Anyway, we watched TV for a couple of hours, then he said he was going to get ready for bed. He took a painkiller and a sleeping pill and watched tv with me until the pills started kicking in and he went to bed.'

'This morning he woke up and I was already in the kitchen making coffee. He really looked sick so I asked him if he took a painkiller yet and he said he did. I told him that maybe he feels this sick because he took it on an empty stomach so I told him to go lie down on the couch while I made him a little something to hold him over until breakfast. He never made it; he got about half way before he collapsed.'

The doctor listened intently to Amber, his attention never wavering. 'Is this a regular occurence? The painkillers I mean.'

'Yes. It is.'

'Alright, can you add anything to what she has already said?' The physician asked Tseng.

'Other then the fact that when I got there he was completely unresponsive and that his breathing was extremely shallow, no, I don't.'

'Do you know if he takes any painkillers while at work?'

'I don't know about everyday, but most days he does.'

Shaking his head, he turned to the head nurse. 'Get a toxicology report started and completed asap.'

Nodding, the nurse entered the President's room to begin the blood tests.

'Until the results come back, I can't really predict what the cause of the collapse is.' The doctor confirmed to the two. 'However, I'm lead to believe that the collapse was due to the drugs, which hopefully we will know for sure within a few hours.'

'What about in the meantime?' Amber questioned, her green eyes puffy from her shed tears.

'In the meantime, hope that the IV's will help him and just be patient.'
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