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'So Rufus, Ams has been spending more time in your apartment lately then she has in hew own.' Reno teased. 'When is she moving in?'

'I don't know what you're takling about.' Rufus answered, annoyed. 'She's spent a couple of nights over and you're making it sound like she's been living there.'

Reno laughed at his boss. 'You're so in denial it's not even funny anymore. Look, she stayed over yesterday, the day before that and the day before that. The week before, she was over 4 out of 7 days! Hopefully you get some action when she's staying over? Or do you make her sleep in the guest room?'

Rufus glared at the red-head. 'Don't you think that's going a little personal?'

'It doesn't matter if you answer it or not, boss.' He grinned. 'We already know where she sleeps and if you've gotten lucky.'

Rufus' face paled. 'And how would you know that?'

'Well...why do you think we knock non-stop now until you answer the door?'

'Ah, I see.' Rufus looked away from the red-head, not completely embarassed, yet not fully at ease with the revelation either.

'Hey, it's all good. A guy's gotta get some and what a better time then in the comfort of your own home.'

'At least you didn't include the word "privacy" in there.'

'We're there to protect you, sir.' He replied honestly. 'But seriously, if she's here all the time, why don't you just ask her to move in with you? You've been seeing each other for a while now; it's not like it would be a bad move, ya know?'

'To tell you the truth, I've been thinking about that myself, Reno. The only problem is that I honestly have no idea how to approach it nor do I want to take the risk of her taking offense. I'll ask her eventually.'

'Eventually my ass. Just like you were going to eventually ask her out. If it wouldn't be for me, you wouldn't be with her right now. You know that, right?'

'Yes, I do Reno.' Rufus said dully. 'You never let me forget it.'

'Anyway look, what's so hard? Just ask her if she'd like to move in with you. Simple question really. It's the decision that's hard and that doesn't fall on you, so you have the easy job.'

'I'll ask her soon, Reno.' Rufus argued. 'I'm busy right now.'

'Damnit brat, you don't do shit unless someone backs you into a corner. Look, either you ask her yourself or I'm going to find her and tell her that you want to ask her to move in with her but you're too much of a chicken shit to it so I had to ask her for you.'

'You wouldn't dare.' The blond asked in disbelief.

'Try me blondie.' Reno smirked, pulling out his cell phone. 'I'm sure she'd prefer having you ask her over dinner, but having your bodyguard ask her by phone is close enough I suppose.'

Rufus all but lept out of his chair, grabbing the Turk's cell phone and turning it off. 'Alright!' He grumbled. 'You win! Again! I'll ask her when we go out to dinner Friday night.'

'Good thinking, boss.' The red-head said, slapping the other's back. 'She'll appreciate it a lot more that way.'


'Is it good?' Rufus asked, making conversation.

'It's not too bad. I've had better, but it's still rather good.'

Rufus was trying to think of the best way to sagueway into the topic of living conditions, but couldn't think of one. Finally he simply blurted out between bites and between her story about her week. 'Would you like to move in with me?'

Amber stared at her food in shock. The question came out of nowhere, while he had his mouthful no less and while she was complaining about her workload. The combination of the three caused her to break out into giggles.

When she looked up, she saw the look of embarassement and hurt on the other's face. He meant it! He meant it, you went and laughed at him and now you broke his heart. Way to go.

'I...I'm sorry, Rufus. I didn't mean to laugh. It's just the way you said it and how you came out with it didn't make it seem like you were serious.'

Rufus lowered his head. 'I was serious, I just didn't know how to ask. Forget I asked ok?' he sighed, 'I'm sorry to have put you on the spot.'

'No, no Ruf, don't be sorry.' Amber said softly. 'Like I said I was laughing at how you asked, not at the question. Do you want to know my answer, or do just want to let it go and never know?'

'You can tell me your answer. Be honest really, I should have thought it out better, not to mention took more then 2 seconds to ask it.'

'I'd love to move in with you.' Rufus had been bracing himself for the worst answer possible and was shocked when she said yes.

'You're not just saying that are you?' Rufus asked, hopeful.

'I don't say things just to say them, Rufus Shinra.' she scolded, 'You should know that by now.'

Grinning, the President returned to his meal and they continued their previous conversation, Rufus noticeably more relaxed then when they first arrived.


'Reno!' Rufus shouted when he arrived in the office the next morning. 'Get in my office now! Not 5 minutes from now, right now!'

'That's not a good sign.' Elena stated. 'I think he's going to kill you for getting him to ask Amber to move in with him. It sounds like it went rather badly.'

'Damn,' the red-head shrugged, 'I was convinced she was going to say yes.'

'Well, it seems that she didn't.' Rude continued. 'I'd go in there and I'd practice my apologies on the way to his office if I were you.'

Resigning himself to his fate, Reno dragged himself to the President's office, shutting the door behind him. He found Rufus staring out the window, ignoring him.

'Look, boss...' he stammered, 'I'm sorry if everything went badly, I never thought that she'd say no.'

Rufus didn't speak for a few minutes making Reno worry even more. Finally the blond turned around and stood eye to eye with the red-head.

'You know what I should do with you for making me ask her to move in with me?' Reno shook his head and grew increasingly worried about his health.

Rufus allowed Reno to think about it for a moment longer, enjoying the nervousness he felt eminating from the red-head. 'So you have no idea what I should do with you?'

'No, sir. Not one idea. Sorry.'

'Well, I have a good idea.' he delayed his response, smirking at Reno's worried expression. 'I should thank you. She said yes.'

Reno released the breath he hadn't realized he was holding and glared at the President. 'You son of a bitch! I really thought that she said no and didn't want to see you anymore!'

'She thought I was joking at first and laughed at me Reno, which wracked my nerves quite a bit.' he confessed, 'But then she realized I was serious and said yes.'

'Alright boss!' Reno grinned. 'So when is the big move in date?'

'I don't know yet.' Rufus said. 'Sometime in the next 2-3 weeks though and on a weekend. We still have to figure out what's coming and what's going.'

'Ok, well, you let me know the date and I'll be there to help.'

'You really don't have to do that, Reno.' Rufus said, genuinely glad that Reno even offered to help. 'We'll hire movers for most of the stuff anyway.'

'Yeah, but some of the little more fragile things can't be thrown into a truck.' Reno argued. 'And besides, we're not letting complete strangers anywhere near you, her or your appartment without one or two of us there.'

'Alright, thank you for the offer, Reno.' Rufus said sincerely.

'Eh, think nothing of it boss. I'm sure Rude will come with me to help her move in so it'll go by that much quicker.'

Rufus nodded in thanks. 'Very well, thank you again.'

'No problem boss.' Reno replied, approaching the door. He paused for a moment and opted to try and push his luck. 'So blondie, when's the wedding huh? It must have crossed your mind at some point lately.'

'Marriage is out of the question right now.' Rufus stated. 'We haven't been seeing each other long enough to even think of marriage and besides, I wouldn't be a good husband right now. I have too much work to do and I'd spend more time in my office then with my wife.'

Reno nodded. 'Alright, fair enough sir. That makes sense. Anyway, be sure to tell us when she's moving so we can help.' Reno shut the door behind him and made his way back to the Turks office, eager to relay the news with them.
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