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This is kind of fun...again. :-) So I can't get the fluff out of them...they've just started dating so naturally the whole "I'm really nervous but it's cute" thing is going to be there. :-)

Rufus found himself in front of the mirror for what seemed like the hundredth time that evening.

'Rufus sir, I've already told you that you look fine.' Tseng assured him. 'If you don't stop looking in the mirror and go and meet Rude outside, you'll be late for your date.'

The blond stopped in front of the Wutain, siently asking him to give him yet another look over.

'You sure this goes well together?' He asked nervously. 'I'm really not used to wearing something that is not white.'

Tseng chuckled again. 'Pants are pants, sir. White or black, they still have the same purpose. And of course they go well together, black goes with anything, including blue. Which incidentally, happen to match very well with your eyes. Was that intentional?'

'My stylist said that it would bring out my eyes.' He smirked. 'He better be right and she better like it or he's fired.'

Shaking his head, Tseng grabbed his charge by the shoulders and all but shoved him out the door. 'Now go meet Rude and pick up your date. For the last time, your shoes don't have a mark on them, the pants look fine, the shirt looks good on you, there's nothing on your face and your hair isn't going to move anytime soon. If you don't leave within the next 2 minutes, it will be past 6pm and I'm sure you don't want her to think you've stood her up.'

Checking his watch and realizing that Tseng had a point, he made a beeline for the elevator, silently cursing it for moving so slowly. When he arrived at the ground floor, he noted that Rude was already waiting by the car for him to arrive.

'I realize I kept you waiting.'

Rude shook his head. 'It's alright, sir.' He looked at Rufus, noting the nervous air around the President. 'You look fine, Rufus,' he said honestly, 'stop worrying about everything going wrong or everything tonight will go wrong.'

'Alright. You have a point. Let's get this going now shall we?' Rufus entered the back of the car, allowing Rude to close it behind him and get in the driver's seat. They arrived at Amber's apartment about 15 minutes later, one minute before 6 pm.

Wow, he's punctual isn't he. She thought to herself. You have to admire a man that comes by when he says he will. Hearing the doorbel, she quickly checked herself in the mirror one final time, then went to the door.

'Right on time!' Amber smiled as she looked him over. Damn, how'd you end up being the lucky girl that he'd show an interest in? He has nice eyes....

'I didn't want to keep you waiting.' He replied, looking over her as well. How did you end up lucky enough to have a girl like her say yes to you? Nice dress too; it just makes her hair look that much nicer...not to mention her legs.

'Is this too fancy for where we're going?' She asked nervously. 'Or not fancy enough? I can always find a different dress if it is.'

'Oh no it's perfect! It looks great on you.' He confirmed, cheeks turning slightly pink when he realized what he had said. 'What I meant was that it's not too fancy for where we're going; it's just fine.'

'Thank you.' She replied, smiling as she locked her door. 'Shall we?' Rufus nodded and led the way to the elevator, then to the car, letting her enter first.

Upon their arrival at the restaurant, Amber couldn't help but smile. So far so good. He has much better taste then your last few dates. 'I've never been to this restaurant before.' She said, smiling at Rufus. 'I hope the food is as classy as the restaurant.'

'As do I.' Rufus added. 'I'm working on the recommendations of several people who have said that there is no better restaurant in town. I do hope they are right; if not I'll have to think about trusting their judgement about everything from here on out.'

Laughing at the comment, she turned towards the car door, and thanked Rude for helping her out of the car. 'What is he going to do while we're having dinner?' She asked Rufus as they entered the restaurant. 'Or is he coming with us?'

'No, he'll be here, but not with us at the table. Don't worry, he'll be fine. He's always watching out for anything that is unusual or suspicious so he won't have time to be bored. Besides, he won't complain, he'll be getting a free meal out of the deal. If I were him, I'd be glad to get a free meal that, apparently, tastes like heaven in your mouth.'

Smiling at Rufus, you really need to find something to do other then smile like an idiot at him every two seconds. she thought to herself He'll start thinking that you really have a mental problem and leave before the end of the date.

'Amber?' Rufus addressed her, apparently not for the first time.

'Oh, I...I'm sorry.' she stammered. 'What is it?'

'Is red wine alright or would you like something else?'

'Red wine is perfect. Thank you.'

Nodding, the waiter left to retrieve a bottle of their finest wine and left the two alone. Neither one of them were quite sure of how to start a conversation with the other; almost as though they were afraid that they might offend the other with their questions.

Rufus broke the ice, asking her simply how her week went at work. Amber seemed more then happy that he spoke first and wasted no time in telling him about her week and asking him about his.

From his table across from the couple, Rude smiled. It's about time someone, other then us, gets him to talk and unwind. His thoughts were disturbed by his cell phone. Frowning at the name of the caller, he answered. 'What do you want, Reno?'

'So how's it going? Have they done the whole "I don't know what to say right now so I hope you speak first" thing?'

'Yes, Reno they've done that and before you ask, Rufus spoke up first.'

'Oh good.' Reno sighed. 'At least he was a gentleman doing that. How do they look though partner? Does it seem like they're thinking to themselves "What the hell was I thinking?" or is it too early to tell?'

'I doubt they're thinking that.' Rude replied honestly. 'I think they're both thinking about not doing anything stupid to make the other one decide to leave.'

' they both obviously really like each other, huh? It's not one sided?'

'Nah, it's not one sided. They seem to be doing fine now; they just needed to break the ice, which Rufus did.'

'Good because if he messed this up I'd have to hurt him.' Reno replied.

'Why do you care so much?' Rude asked, intrigued by the red-head.

'Because it's the first girl I've seen Rufus actually show more then a passing interest in.' Reno answered. 'He deserves to have someone in his life that loves him too right? I mean, we care about the brat, but we don't count the same way as a girl does. I don't want him to screw this up.'

'Ah, I understand. I guess I feel the same way.' Rude watched the two for a moment, as they ate and conversed as though they've known each other for years. 'Anyway partner, I'm on duty and they're almost done eating. You can press me for questions tomorrow.'

Rude hung up the phone and finished his meal. About 15 minutes later, the couple were exiting the restaurant and making their way to their next destination.

'So, where to now?' Amber asked, more then a little curious as to what Rufus had planned next.

'Nowhere exceptionally exciting, but still entertaining.' Rufus said smiling. 'Did you enjoy dinner?'

'Yes I did, thank you. You won't have to worry about their opinions from here on out; they were right in recommending it. And that's not much of a hint either.' She pouted. 'Just one hint?' You pouted you crazy woman! That's it...make him think he's taking out a 10 year old instead of someone that's 23...hey wait...he's laughing at your pout. Alright then...continue pouting at will if that's the reaction you're going to get.

Rufus laughed at the pout. 'How about that it has chairs facing the same direction?'

'It's a movie?'

'No, you can't speak to your date throughout a movie, which is wholly frustrating.'

When they arrived at the theater, Amber smiled. 'Great choice. It's supposed to be the best play of the year. Did someone else give you this play as a suggestion?' she teased.

'No, I thought of this part all by myself.' Rufus hastily replied. 'I do hope that it's as good as everyone has said.'

'Even if it's not,' Amber shyly smiled, 'at least we'll be able to whisper to each other about how bad the play is and poke fun at the actors in their horrible costumes.'

The President laughed at the thought. She'll want to talk to me instead of watch the play and poke fun at the actors?? This might actually go somewhere... 'That sounds like a plan to me. We'll have to find something to do if it's bad. It is a two hour play after all.'

Making their way to their seats, Amber and Rufus looked at the stage, waiting for the play to begin. Their attention span lasted for approximately 20 minutes before they turned to each other and continued their conversation from the restaurant. When the play was over, they made their way back to the car, Rufus thinking of a way to extend this date a bit longer.


'Yes, Rufus?' She asked, curious.

'Would you like to get a coffee at the café down the street?' He asked, unsure. 'If not, I understand, it is getting late.'

'Sure. I could use a coffee. Besides, tomorrow is a Saturday, I can sleep in.'

Smiling in relief, Rufus turned and walked towards the café, Rude at their heels, hiding his amusement behind his glasses. Reno might be right. This might be the right girl for him.

They spent several hours talking to each other over coffee, until they noticed the time and agreed that it was time to head out. After holding the door for the both of them, Rude got into the driver's seat and made his way to Amber's apartment building.

Rufus escorted Amber to her apartment door, nervous about their goodbye. Rude stayed a respectful distance from the two, but still close enough to offer assistance if someone were to come and try to attack either one of them.

'Thank you for the evening Rufus, I had a lot of fun.' and I hope we can do it again sometime really soon. she added to herself.

'I enjoyed it as well.' Rufus gently grasped her hand and gently kissed it. The young lady blushed and smiled. 'Have a goodnight too, Rufus.' She said while reaching out to give him a quick hug. She then unlocked her door and entered her apartment, leaving a smiling Rufus Shinra in the hallway.

Walking towards the exit, Rude smiled. 'I take it the date went well?'

'Yes, it went very well.' Rufus confirmed.

'So you asked her for another date, am I right?'

'Well, no. Not yet.'

Rude looked at him dumbfounded. 'Why not?'

'Because,' Rufus smiled, 'now I have an excuse to call her sometime during the week.'

Shaking his head, Rude opened the car door for Rufus, then made his way to Rufus' apartment complex, ending what was an exciting night.
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