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Edge – January 31st, 2008

Rufus Shinra’s physician better have a prescription for blood pressure medication and anxiety handy; the President will be needing it.

Amber Shinra’s ultrasound confirmed what the President was worried about.

‘She’s going to be having twins.’ Our source informed us yesterday. ‘Naturally they’re both happy about the news, but they’re both nervous as well. It is understandable though; taking care of one is one thing, but having two is a handful.’ Our source continued, laughing about their first glance at Rufus after the ultrasound. ‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen Rufus that quiet and shell shocked in my life.’

Our source was quick to defend Rufus’ reaction to the news. ‘He’s already worried about how his work and his absence will affect his family. He was weary enough at the thought of not being there for one child, but now that he will be working while Amber will be at home with two children has him feeling guilty and like he’s already a bad father. He and his father were never close for that reason, among others, and he doesn’t want to have the same relationship that he had with his father, with his children.’

How did everyone else take the news? ‘They were happy and a couple of them weren’t surprised in the least.’ Our source confirms. ‘One of Rude’s relatives had twins in the past and he was convinced that she was having two. Elena thought the same thing as the doctors; if she wasn’t having twins then something was wrong. Tseng only shook the President’s hand and gave Amber a hug. The fact that he was speechless shows how surprised and happy he was about it. Reno on the other hand yelled at the top of his lungs how great the news was and how it was going to be fun teaching two kids how to drive Rufus insane.’

We’re curious as to what genders they are. ‘It’s still too early to determine their genders right now.’ Our source confirmed. ‘She’ll be going back for another ultrasound in about 2 months, at which point they’ll be able to tell them their genders. Whether Rufus and Amber want to know is anyone’s guess though; they go from saying they want to know to saying they don’t to going back to wanting to know again.’

If the Shinra’s do opt to know the sex of the babies, we’ll be sure to let you all know!
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