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Junon - January 17th 2008

It's now official!

A reporter for the Junon Herald who was attending the Orphans charity gala last night managed to ask President Rufus Shinra a few questions. Among the questions was one that has been on everyone's minds; "Will there be a new addition to your family in the upcoming months?"

'Yes.' President Rufus confirmed. 'My wife and I recently found out that we will be expecting our first child this summer.'

Alright, what made the news acceptable to say last night, but something that they denied for the last three months?

'If miscarriages happen, they will likely occur within the first three months.' Our source close the Shinra's explained. 'They didn't want to make a huge deal out of it until they were in the clear and were told that she and the baby were fine. Now the next thing on their minds is if they're having twins or not.'

Twins? 'Her obstitrician explained to them that she is rather big for only one child.' Our source went on to explain. 'Poor Rufus was already worried about being a father to one, hearing that he might be a father to two right from the start has him nerve wracked.'

And how is the mother taking the potential twin news? 'She's in the middle right now.' Our source continued. 'She's excited about the potential of having twins but at the same time, she's worried about all the extra work that it will mean and starts to feel overwhelmed.'

What about the bodyguards? 'They're actually really excited!' The source laughs, 'Whenever Reno sees Amber, he pats her tummy and tells the baby that their uncle is saying good morning. Rude has been about the same outwardly, but he's being much more "guard-like" when she's around to be sure she stays out of harms way. The same with Elena; she's Amber's assigned guard and she's always around her. Elena keeps talking about how fun it will be to go baby shopping. Tseng is admittedly, very excited as well. He does hide his excitement behind his "I'm working right now" façade, but he does smile whenever he sees Amber walk into a room with her stomach sticking out.'

Thankfully no one seems to be put off by the notion of a baby. We wish the Shinra's our sincere congratulations and wish them the best! As for you readers; as soon as we know if they will be expecting twins or not, we will be sure to let you know!
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