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I totally had an OMG IT'S RUFUS STUFF moment this evening!!!!!!!! Someone has started translating the Case of Shinra (only 6 pages so far) and it's finally getting to the point where Rufus gets saved!!


Just one passage so far about his dad; him thinking back on a conversation he had with him a long time ago about escape routes from the president's office...he basically said to Rufus "escapes are for losers; tell you what; I'm going to put an initial on the door that will represent you. I'll put the letter L for loser."

So his father really is an ass! Surprise surprise...

Other then that so far...Reno and Rude are the ones that wanted to go and find him. They get up to his office and find no one there. They just found a wall that was a different color then the rest and that's exactly where the translator ended it. Now it's to be patient enough to wait for more pages.

He did get hurt in the blast though; he did pretty much duck but they do mention that his fractures were basically hurting him like hell; they didnt mention all the injuries other then broken ribs so far, but hopefully they'll say more when they hopefully discuss him at the hospital and how he got Geostigma...oh so many questions that can be answered by this thing...

And Rufus is apparently 25; they said that the conversation happened 20 years ago when he was 5. Can't get more simpler math then that...

ANYWAY! I was just too giddy about the new Rufus stuff to not post it somewhere...and I smell a fic somewhere in that only to get properly motivated and write it. ^_^
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