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Edge - January 10th, 2008

Is there a baby in the President's future?

Sources report that the new Mrs. Shinra has been sporting a slight bump. 'It definately wasn't there a month ago and it's bigger then it was a week ago.' An insider reports. 'I think she's pregnant but they just haven't bothered to make it public.'

Rumors of a baby for the Shinra's began surfacing about three months ago. 'The poor girl was sick almost everyday.' A source reports. 'When they'd go out for dinner, she'd eat maybe an entrée and water and nothing else. Half of the time whatever she ate came right back up, anyway.'

At the time, the President's publicist dismissed pregnancy rumors and ruled her stomach ailments as a simple case of the stomach flu. 'While the President and first lady thank everyone for their warm wishes, they wish to confirm that they are not expecting a child at this time.' The statement had said. 'While Mrs. Shinra has been ill, it is not due to baby related issues, she has come down with a simple case of the stomach flu.'

The President's attitude towards his wife is also adding fuel to the pregnancy fire. 'He's a lot more watchful of what she does then he was before.' Our source reports. 'If they're going down some stairs, he watches her. If they're on a tour of something, he'll walk slower so that she won't have to rush to keep up. The Turks are more careful; how they show it is subtle, but they're acting differently around her too. All signs are pointing towards something being different and a baby just fits in perfectly.

The new photos of the President and the first lady that have been circulating this past week from the Junon charity ball have rekindled the pregnancy rumors. 'The dress was looser then we've seen her wearing in the past. The funny thing was that most of the extra fabric was around her abdomen. She has a fabulous figure and to hide it under all that fabric without good reason is not something that she would do.' Our source laughs. 'Besides, even with the fabric, the bump was obvious. It's fine if they want to keep it under wraps for now, but eventually her stomach won't be able to hide the baby!'

So, should we be expecting a new Shinra in the near future? We'll do our best to dig up the dirt on this exciting rumor and share it all with you!
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